Centrum celoživotního vzdělávání Experimentální univerzita pro prarodiče a vnoučata Klub aktivního stáří Klub vzájemného porozumění Cestování Trénování paměti

About us

Dana Steinova – professional C.V.
Free lance in organizing educational activities including lecturing
Registration number IC 44315066, issued on October 12, 1992
Educational background: Institute of Enlightement,
                                           Adult Education
                                           University of Economics,
                                           Prague 1972–1978
                                           Dipl. Ing. title
                                          Charles University, Prague
                                          Faculty of Philosophy,
                                          Adult Education

Professional achievements:

1983-Founded `Club for the Active Elderly`

         cultural events-nowadays 5 per month,

         formerly 13 per month,

         for different institutions in Prague (theatres,

         libraries, movie theatres, cultural houses, nursing

         homes, assisted living places)

1986-Initiated the U3A movement in the Czech Republic

1988-Founded the `Offer grade of U3A`- affiliated

         with the faculties of Prague Universities which

         are offering the samples of their U3V subjects

         / became a part of the Center of Lifelong Learning in 2005/

1991-Started the movement of reciprocal exchanges

         of senior students( 42 exchanges with foreign 

         countries until 2011)

         International Gatherings of Seniors in Prague

1993-Founded the first intergenerational non-vocational

         education in the Czech Republic

         `University of Free Time`- with strong social


         / became a part of the Center of Lifelong Learning in 2005 /

1993-Attended the European Symposium on 

         Memory training in Rüschlikon, Switzerland

         and introduced it to 

         the Czech public by organizing the

         seminars for trainers with the help 

         of Belgian and German experts

         /1.500 memory trainers in the Czech Rep. till 2011/

1996-Became the representative of  the Czech 

         Geriatric and Gerontological Society 

         in EURAG General Council

1998-Became the chairman of the working group

         for senior education of EURAG( European 

         Federation of Older Persons)

1998-Founded the Czech Society for Memory Training

         and Brain Jogging and became it´s first chairman

1999-Became the president of the International 

         Association for Senior Exchanges in Barcelona

2000-Organized the first /accesible for public/ ``European

          Symposium on Memory Training for the Elderly`` in Prague

          (March 17.-19.)in collaboration with German

          Bundesverband Gedachtnistraining E.V.

2001-Nominated for a prestigious award 

         `Golden Dragon-fly` by the Czech Alzheimer´s

         Society for her achievements in gerontology

2002-Founded the Eurag Memory Training Center

         in Prague with the objective of making training

         opportunities available worldwide

2002-on- Promotion of EURAG Memory Training Center

                   Giving lectures, workshops, seminars

                   on memory training for the elderly

                   intensive memory training classes

                   seminars for memory trainers,workshops

                   in Prague – in English for foreigners 

                   in the UK (London, Southport, Southminster,

                   Aveimore, Swansea Valley-Wales, Inverness)

                   in the USA (Washington D.C,Tamworth N.H.,Chicago MI, Nashville TN,

                   Memphis TN, San Francisco, CA, Boston,MA)

                   in Australia (Perth, Mandurah, Esperance,Hobbart-Tasmania)

                   in Singapore

                   in Estonia (Tallin)

                   in Brasil ( Rio de Janeiro )

                   in Cyprus (Limassol, Ayia Napa)

                   in Slovakia (Bratislava, Dolny Kubin,Kosice, High Tatras)

                   in Turkey (Kusadasi )

                   in Iceland (Reykjavik)

                   in South Africa (Cape Town, George, Johannesburg )

                   in Israel (Tel Aviv)

2003– Organized the EURAG Colloquy in Prague (October 17.-18)

          Memory Training as an Effective Tool against Mental Decline In Ageing Society

2004– Founded the first Experimental University for Grandchildren and Grandparents

          „Astronomy“ in co-operation with Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics &  


           Planetarium and Observatory in Prague / this project continues in co-operation with  

           other faculties and universities in Prague /

2005 – Organized the first National Day of Memory Training as a part of BAW / March 14 

            Brain Awereness Week- the worldwide event DANA Aliance of the Brain /. Since that 

            time the Czech Society for Memory Training and Brain Jogging became a regular  

            partner in BAW

2005 – Became an external lecturer of the Social Service Training Institute in Singapore                      

2005– Established the Center of Lifelong Learning with enrollment over 4.000 students, 

           intended for all ages

2006 – Started with the new format of seminar in Prague ( September  24–29 )“ Empowering 

            Seniors for Independent Living  in combination of Life coaching and Memory training 

2006 – Organized the EURAG seminar in Prague ( November 27-December 2) Effective tools

             for Increase of Self-sufficiency and Prolonged Independence of Ageing Population 

2007 –  Elected  EURAG vicepresident for central and eastern Europe  

2008-on- BAW-  National Day of Memory Training altered into National Week of Memory  

             Training- with thousands of participants throughout the Czech and Slovak Rep.

2006 – 2010 Participation in the research project „ Effectiveness of cognitive training with          

             healthy elderly“ in co-operation with Prague Psychiatric Center

2009 –  Elected  board member of the Senior Council ( Czech umbrella organisation  for 21  

            senior  organisations)

2011 – Elected EURAG Secretary General

2012 –Elected Regional Senior Council – Prague Region chair-woman