Centrum celoživotního vzdělávání Experimentální univerzita pro prarodiče a vnoučata Klub aktivního stáří Klub vzájemného porozumění Cestování Trénování paměti

Club of Mutual Understanding

the programs of additional activities  are organized on a voluntary basis by  the  students  of Center of Lifelong Learning.Club of Mutual Understanding is offering about 30 language classes,Yoga,Thai-chi, remedial training against osteoporosis, tourist club, minigolf,dance,pa­inting,Bridge,han­dicraft, dances, etc.

All these classes are taught free of charge by the  Center students and their colleagues are paying a token entry fee in order to take part in these  activities .Fee is used for rent of the rooms in which the classes take place. Such activities mean a valuable contribution to the new life program which the students are seeking for, not only for those who are their takers but also their givers, who feel useful again.

In 2012/13 school year he students of Center of Lifelong Learning could take part in the following activities:

1/ Minigolf

2/  Dances

3/  Tourist club

4/  Bridge

5/  Art classes with an academic painter

6/  Ladies´club with a fashion designer

7/  Handicraft

8/  Yoga

9/  Thai-chi

10/ Remedial physical training

11/ Salsa class

12/ Training against osteoporosis

13/ German for beginners

14/ Advanced German

15/ German conversation

16/ Italian for beginners

17/ Advanced Latin

18/ Spanish for beginers

19/ Advanced Spanish

20/ English for beginners

21/ English for advanced beginners

22/ Advanced English I.

23/ Advanced English II.

24/ Very advanced English I.

25/ Very advanced English II.

26/ American English I. with an American letcturer

27/ American English II  with an American lecturer

28/  British English with a British lecturer

29/  English conversation with a Czech lecturer

30/  French for beginners